I think we can all agree that not much has changed in the family portrait world since circa. 1994, to the point that we all share a similar vision of what they typically look like. *Cue, montage of cheesy grins, plain backdrops, black and white everything, awkward poses, the same images over and over and over and over ad infinitum……*

family by lake

In short, they all look the same! Which is madness because I don’t know two families that are the same.

Unbelievably, no one has done much to shake up the family photography world thus far.

*Enters Fliss, stage right*

Hi, I’m Fliss, I make remarkable portraits of remarkable people, thus re-imagining the every day portrait as we know it.

After realising that I had the perfect range of skills to merge artificial intelligence with photography to create a brand-new genre of image making, I tested the technique and was wowed by the results.

pregnant mother with teen daughter husband family


Creating this image provoked the question - since family pictures ARE so boring, why don’t I do the unthinkable and create… GOOD family portraits?

I found a couple of clients who were perfect. They are a solid unit who have great senses of humour, love to dress up, have a vibrant social life, and who love to engage with the more interesting aspects of culture. They are the type of people who would categorically never get a typical family portrait made of themselves, because it simply doesn’t reflect who they are.

I started generating some backgrounds and we eventually settled on two really cool ones. We planned their outfits to match and we got shooting. I normally shoot in my studio in Camberwell, South East London, but in this case it made sense to shoot in their home.

The shoot was an absolute breeze. We had a really fun few hours and I presented the final images to them a couple of days later, we were all incredibly excited by the results.

This is one of two shots so have a look through my gallery to see the other one.

What’s so thrilling for me about my process is that because every person I work with is an individual with their own tastes, sensibilities and characters, every single image I’m asked to make puts me on a new visual journey. The outcome is completely unpredictable, so no two days working are the same.

What’s so exciting for my clients is that even though the they may have a look or aesthetic that appeals to them, the AI image generating process means that the images will be a more sensational and captivating version of that look than they were able to anticipate. It’s always a very exciting journey into the unknown, that you get to be at the centre of.

If you’d like to be a part of the pioneering PEEK movement of visual discovery, get in touch to find out more. Your multi-reality portrait is just clicks away.


Peace & Love,

PS. I want my blog posts to be authentic and natural, but my website and SEO guy (big up Sudeep!) insists that I have to use certain 'keywords' in my blogs to boost SEO. It's essential for online discoverability. The problem is, when I try to weave all these terms into my writing, it just sounds forced, and strips the personality out of it. As a solution, i'm going to break the fourth wall and shamelessly post them all here within a delightful poem, made by the Chat GPT poets. I hope you understand 🙂


In Fulham's palace, a story does unfold,

A family photo shoot, unique and bold.

A talented photographer in London town,

Capturing memories, not a single frown.


With a fine art style that's very relaxed,

In this family shoot, no joy is axed.

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Her photography specialises, forevermore.

From central London to south east Surrey,

Her swift travels, there's no need to worry.


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Children and families n the warm sunlight.

London and Surrey, her lens does explore,

Making memories, oh it's never a bore!


Recent family, newborn and family as well,

Quality of the photos, as if by a spell.

Beautiful family, wonderful too,

Relaxed family, in a setting so true.


For family pictures, she's your best bet,

She puts you at ease, on that you can bet.

Felt very comfortable, a joy to work,

Her professional photos, a bonus perk.


Your time with your family, worth every penny,

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For the family photo shoot, that bespeaks your tale,

With London's photographer, you will never fail.


So, for a professional photographer in London, do reach,

For family photography including each,

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Please get in touch, you'll be not forsaken.


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The photos will be as lovely as can be.

or a vacation in London, memories to seize,

Recommend her services, with the greatest ease.

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