About PEEK - Bringing Magic to London Photoshoots

PEEK stands at the forefront of innovation, merging the timeless art of photographic image-making with cutting-edge AI technology to create spectacularly original portraits. We are pioneers in this realm, the first to conjure images in this new and exciting way, offering a service as yet unrivalled. Every PEEK picture is custom-made to reflect your personality, tastes, and sensibilities, making it not just a photo, but an experience. Get in touch to join us in this exhilarating adventure where the process is as unique as the result, and each shoot, an unforgettable experience.

Portrait Photography
Narrative photography
Family Portraits

Professional Portrait Photographer - Our Images are  Fun but We Mean Business!

At PEEK, we don't compromise on quality. We utilise industry-standard studio lighting and top-tier software to perfect every pixel in our artworks. We engage with our clients in a hands-on and intimate approach, from the initial brainstorming to the grand shoot. We use high-end, professional equipment, making our shoots an exciting venture into the world of pro photography. With over a decade of experience in the high-end photo retouching industry, we ensure that every image undergoes a stringent editing process, maintaining the balance between perfection and authenticity.

Telling your story through Narrative photography - A Photoshoot to Remember

PEEK portraits aren't just about aesthetics; they are about narrative. With the flexibility offered by AI image generation, we create visual stories, capturing the essence of our clients and displaying it in an exciting and engaging way. Our multi-reality image-making technique allows us to go beyond the confines of traditional photograph-creation and into a world of infinite possibilities, making every PEEK portrait a captivating tale of the person it represents. Conveniently swift with our approach, you will be swooning over your shots very soon after taking pictures in our studio photoshoot. 

Challenging the Predictable with our PEEK Family Portrait Photographer - Family Photography Like Never before

In the realm of baby photography and family portraits, PEEK is rewriting the rulebook. For years, family photos have been predictable and often lacking in originality. We’re revolutionising this space with our groundbreaking techniques, crafting images that celebrate individuality and familial bonds in an exciting, tailor-made fashion. Instead of generic studio shots, we deliver distinctive images that capture the essence of each family member. This is what truly sets PEEK apart as the best newborn or family photographer in London. For a London family photographer that gets the best out of their clients, where they can relax when they get your photo taken, join the capable hands of PEEK. Photography to make you smile with delight!

  • Want to Boost Your Personal Branding and Stand Out on the Grid? Book a Social Media Studio Session with PEEK

    In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, standing out can be a challenge. But not with PEEK. With our ability to create any visual idea using AI, we can design strikingly unique images for your social media content - images that not only reflect your brand identity but also captivate your audience. Add dazzlingly unconventional portrait photography to your portfolio to increase engagement, or look your best in an informal and achingly cool headshot. By employing our specialised approach with multi-reality photography, we ensure your images are not just different but undeniably PEEK. We don't just operate in Islington, we cover Kensington, Chelsea, Hampstead, Westminster, Clapham, Hackney, Richmond and loads of other areas across London!

  • Like to feature yourself or your designs in a fashion editorial? PEEK are the image-makers for you. 

    At PEEK, we don't just take photos; we create visual masterpieces. If you're looking to create fashion editorials that are both stunning and original, PEEK has got you covered. Our multi-reality photographic techniques bring concepts to life, creating images that perfectly capture your vision. Whether it's showcasing models or designs, we blend AI imagery with purpose-shot photographs to create editorials that are not just visually appealing, but also narratively compelling. With PEEK, your fashion editorial won't just be a photo shoot; it will be a visual spectacle that resonates with your brand.

  • Revolutionising Campaign Photography with PEEK - Available to You in Islington 

    Whether you're launching a fashion line or planning an advertising campaign, PEEK offers unparalleled services in campaign imagery. Our revolutionary approach merges traditional photographic techniques with the infinite possibilities offered by AI, allowing us to create bespoke images that don't just stand out, but capture the essence of your vision. Our aesthetic is beautiful and distinctive, yet fully customisable to suit any brief or campaign goal. We pride ourselves in our ability to adapt and create, turning even the most ambitious visions into tangible realities. With PEEK, you're not just hiring a photographer; you're collaborating with a team of visionaries dedicated to realising your dreams. Remember, with PEEK's unique blend of AI and photography, the sky is not the limit, but just the beginning.

  • PEEK: Transforming Product and Still-Life Photography

    In the domain of product or still-life focused content, PEEK's capabilities are not just impressive, but unprecedented. By merging AI-generated imagery with photographs of products, we have the ability to bring your vision to life in ways you've never imagined. If you seek a specific portrayal of your product, we can actualise it. Should you wish to spotlight your product amidst a breathtaking still-life setting or visualise it interacting with a scene or characters, consider it done. Our approach to product photography doesn't just break the mould; it reshapes it, offering endless, exciting possibilities tailored to your needs. With PEEK, your product doesn't just get photographed, it becomes part of a bespoke visual narrative. Remember, our capabilities aren't limited by convention; they're powered by creativity and innovation.

  • Redefining the Landscape of E-commerce Photography With PEEK

    In the world of e-commerce, PEEK is more than a service; we are a revolution. We understand that e-commerce is not just about showcasing products, it's about creating experiences. By integrating AI-generated imagery with conventional product photographs, we are challenging the norm and creating a whole new visual language for e-commerce. Instead of the conventional flat, static product images, imagine dynamic visuals that engage your customers and enhance their shopping experience. Whether it's creating an interactive visual story for your product or embedding it in a virtual setting that reflects its use, PEEK can turn your e-commerce platform into a captivating visual journey for your customers. With us, the possibilities are not just endless, they are also as exceptional as your brand. At PEEK, we're not just taking e-commerce photography to the next level, we're reimagining it altogether.

A Female Photographer - Fostering Safe Spaces at PEEK, For Every Client

As a female photographer, I bring a nuanced perspective and understanding to every photoshoot at PEEK. But, more importantly, I'm also dedicated to creating an environment that is welcoming, safe, and empowering for all women. I understand the importance of comfort and trust during a session, particularly for women who may feel vulnerable or exposed in front of the camera. That's why I ensure that every shoot is conducted with the utmost respect and sensitivity, tailored to make you feel completely at ease. I will create beautiful and make sure that you feel comfortable in front of the camera. With PEEK, you’re not just getting some pictures made; you're entering a safe space where you can express yourself freely, confidently, and authentically. Together, we can create images to cherish, that not only capture your external beauty but also your strength, spirit, and individuality.


What makes a good portrait?

From PEEK's unique perspective, we believe that a captivating image goes beyond technicalities. Our focus lies in capturing the vibrant essence of individuals and creating electrifying moments to define them. For PEEK, a good portrait surpasses the ordinary, leaving a lasting impact that resonates deeply.

  1. Authenticity: PEEK strives to capture the genuine emotions, quirks, and passions of each individual. Our aim is to create a true reflection of their authentic selves, resulting in powerful and meaningful portrayals.

  2. Storytelling: We view a captivating portrayal as a visual narrative that tells a compelling story. Our goal is to go beyond the surface and delve into the layers of a person's life, experiences, and aspirations. Through our portrayals, we evoke emotions and establish connections.

  3. Uniqueness: PEEK celebrates the distinctive qualities that make each person extraordinary. We seek out the hidden gems and unconventional aspects that set individuals apart. Our portrayals showcase the rare and exceptional, capturing moments that reflect their uniqueness.

  4. Impact: PEEK aims to create images that captivate and mesmerize viewers. We believe in the power of imagery to evoke strong emotions and leave a lasting impression. Our portrayals stir something within the viewer, sparking wonder, inspiration, or curiosity.

  5. Connection: At PEEK, we understand that a powerful portrayal establishes a connection between the viewer and the subject. Our portrayals create an emotional bond, inviting viewers to see themselves or someone they know reflected in the image. They become a bridge that connects people through shared experiences and emotions.

In summary, PEEK's perspective on a compelling portrait revolves around capturing the exciting side of individuals, going beyond technicalities. We strive to portray authenticity, tell captivating stories, celebrate uniqueness, leave a lasting impact, and foster meaningful connections through our extraordinary portrayals.

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