Welcome to PEEK - Tailor-Made Multi-Reality Portrait Photography in Chelsea and Kensington

At PEEK, we merge the elegance of traditional photographic techniques with AI's cutting-edge capabilities, to create unique portraits that resonate with you who you are and what you want to say. As pioneers in our field, we transform every artwork into a journey, each as tailored as the results it yields. Get in touch to discuss what magic we can create for you. The possibilities really are infinite! 

Unlock Your Professional Potential With Standout Corporate Headshots that Define Your Brand and Staff

At PEEK, we specialise in creating standout corporate photography that makes your business or skillset shine. Our unique and personalised approach captures your authentic personality and professional expertise. With meticulous attention to detail, our expert headshot photographer ensures authenticity and a lasting impression. Book in a photography session for your staff and elevate your professional brand with a corporate headshot that sets you apart. We are over the black and white, formal Linkedin profile pictures of the past - at PEEK we make a powerful statement that leaves a lasting impact on clients, employers, business owners and colleagues. With the option to have our portrait session in the PEEK studio location or your company office, we can further your personal brand conveniently for you. Choose PEEK's corporate headshot photography for a portfolio that truly reflects our client's individuality. 

Professionalism Embodied at PEEK

PEEK stands for excellence. Each image, tailor-made to meet your needs, is a testament to our meticulous use of state-of-the-art lighting, software, and our decade-long experience in high-end photo retouching. We work intimately with our clients, turning every photoshoot into an exciting professional adventure, the end product of which strikes a balance between precision and creativity. We don't just make corporate portraits or a professional headshot, we make the most wonderful and immersive multi-reality photography London has ever seen! 

Portrait Photography
Narrative photography
Family Portraits

PEEK Photography: Narratives in Portraits

PEEK portraits are more than just cool images; they narrate your story. Our innovative AI-based approach allows us to create visual narratives that encapsulate our clients' uniqueness. Our ground-breaking approach to multi-reality image-making allows us to transcend the constraints of conventional image-making, venturing into a world of abundant possibilities. Through PEEK's lens, every portrait metamorphoses into a compelling tale, capturing the unique charm and individuality of the person it showcases. Get in touch to book a shoot with the best London Portrait Photographer - objectively speaking of course ;) 

Embracing the Feminine Perspective at PEEK - Studio or Home Photoshoots

Fliss, our female photographer at PEEK introduces a distinct empathy to her work, fostering an atmosphere of comfort and respect. She is particularly adept at easing any apprehension, especially for women, by transforming each photo session into an empowering experience. With PEEK, pour approach is about celebrating authenticity and capturing both inner and outer beauty through a uniquely feminine lens. Please make yourself at home on our website, and send us an email for photography in London that really delivers.

Family Portraits Reinvented at PEEK - Authentic and Completely Bespoke

PEEK adds a fresh lens to family photoshoots. We disrupt the typical mundanity of this field with our unique approach, creating family portraits that celebrate each member's individuality. Our commitment to authenticity sets PEEK apart as London's leading family portrait photographer. We can shoot in an infinite range of aesthetics that reflect your unique personality. Please get in touch for the most achingly stylish, magazine worthy commissions the UK has ever seen. 

  • Make a Splash on Social Media with our PEEK Photographer

    PEEK helps you stand out in the crowded world of social media. Using AI, we create visually compelling content that mirrors your brand and captivates your audience, making your social media presence distinctively PEEK. Covering all areas in and around Central London, we offer a very wide range of services, all executed in our uniquely PEEK tailor-made way. 

  • Transforming the Campaign Photograph With PEEK

    Whether it's a product launch or an advertising campaign, PEEK offers a new paradigm in campaign photographic media today. We create tailored images that encapsulate your unique vision. At PEEK, we don't just take photographs, we are creative visionaries translating ambitious concepts into compelling visuals, pushing the boundaries of what's possible. You are a click away from having your visual ambitions realised. Have a look through our gallery and join us on a PEEK journey of creative exploration. 

  • Unleashing Creativity in Fashion Editorials at PEEK

    PEEK transforms fashion editorials into visual masterpieces. Our multi-reality approach breathes life into concepts, creating stunning narratives that reflect your brand's identity. With PEEK, your fashion editorial isn't just a photoshoot; it's a captivating story that breaks visual convention. With a 10+ year background in high-end retouching, our lead creative is able to seamlessly marry AI generated art with Photos to enable truly distinctive artworks. 

  • Product Photography in London - Elevated by PEEK

    PEEK offers a revolutionary approach to product and still-life photography. We blend AI-generated imagery with product shots, shattering norms and offering limitless opportunities. With PEEK, your product becomes a part of a bespoke visual narrative, rather than a generic, replicable snapshot. It's a genuinely exciting and completely tailored process that enables complete creative freedom, ideal for anyone who wants their vision realised. Our meticulous and streamlined approach affords us absolute confidence in our practice, creating artworks that you would love. 

  • Product Photography Elevated at PEEK

    PEEK offers a revolutionary approach to product and still-life photography. We blend AI-generated imagery with product shots, shattering norms and offering limitless opportunities. With PEEK, your product becomes a part of a bespoke visual narrative, rather than a generic, replicable snapshot.

Affordable Excellence at PEEK

At PEEK, our mastery in our photographic practice and premium image-retouching has empowered us to create an efficient, streamlined process. This fine-tuning has led to a considerable reduction in costs, all while maintaining exceptional quality. By setting our pricing at accessible rates, we’ve bridged the gap between the mass-produced and the bespoke, creating captivating imagery that is genuinely affordable. At PEEK, our commitment extends beyond creating striking visuals; we strive to ensure they're financially within reach of everyone.

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