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Introducing PEEK

PEEK blends traditional photography and advanced AI to craft stunning and genuinely unique portraits. As pioneers in this field, we create each portrait to reflect your individuality, making every photoshoot a tailor-made experience to specifically meet your needs.. It’s a really fun process!

Solo Portraits
Editorial photography
Family Portraits

PEEK: Setting New Standards in Portrait Photography 

Our commitment to perfection is reflected in our portraits. Through state-of-the-art lighting, cutting-edge software, and meticulous editing, we ensure each image is immaculately executed and carefully considered; it is a real labour of love. We take pride in our hands-on approach, ensuring a tailored experience for each of delightful clients.

Storytelling with PEEK Photography

At PEEK We transform portraits into visual narratives. By harnessing AI image generation and multi-reality photography, we create images that go beyond the predictable to beautifully represent the unique story of each individual. Our images aren’t only aesthetically exciting, they also represent who you are and how you want your story to be told. 

Reimagining Family Portraits with PEEK

We offer a fresh approach to family portraits, showcasing the unique character of the families we shoot. We make sure our images are a true representation of who you are and challenge the existing generic aesthetic in the field. Our commitment to authentic portrayal sets PEEK apart as an incredibly desirable family portrait photography company in London.

  • PEEK's Female Perspective

    Our photographer, Fliss, brings a warm, safe space to PEEK, fostering a comfortable and respectful environment for everyone, especially women who may feel hesitant about being photographed. We focus on building confidence and authenticity, reflecting both your inner and outer beauty. It is a truly empowering process!

  • PEEK: Your Social Media Game Changer

    PEEK utilises AI to create impactful images for your social media that reflect your brand and engage your audience. Our use of multi-reality photography ensures that your content is distinct and unmistakably PEEK. Since our images lie outside of the boundaries of photography, we can guarantee that they will look completely and uniquely impressive on the grid!

  • Breaking Barriers in Campaign Photography with PEEK

    Whether for a fashion launch or an ad campaign, PEEK combines traditional photography and limitless AI to create unique images that encapsulate your vision. We're more than photographers; we're a team of visionaries ready to turn your ambitious ideas into compelling visuals. You just give us your brief and we will deliver on exceeding your visual expectations! 

  • Innovative Fashion Editorials at PEEK

    PEEK transcends traditional photography, creating captivating fashion editorials that balance aesthetics with unique storytelling. Our multi-reality approach produces images that bring your vision to life, echoing your brand's identity.

  • PEEK: Revolutionising Product and Still-Life Photography

    Our blend of AI-generated imagery and product photography breaks norms, offering boundless opportunities to realise your vision. At PEEK, your product is more than captured; it's a central piece in a custom visual narrative. Our approach isn't confined by tradition, but driven by creativity and innovation.

High-end Affordability at PEEK

At PEEK, our expertise in the realms of photography and high-end retouching has led to an efficient, streamlined process. This optimisation allows us to keep prices low without losing an iota of quality. As a result, our unique, engaging images are not just a visual treat but also affordable for all to enjoy. With PEEK, you don't have to break the bank to acquire a personalised, exciting portrait.

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